Student Accommodation in Nottingham

There can be few better places to be a student than in Nottingham. The opportunities and adventures that can be had in one of Europe’s most exciting and fashionable cities are only limited by your imagination.

From the bars and swinging nightlife of Hockley to the city centre restaurants, theatres, cinemas and pubs. Nottingham also boasts some of the finest shopping with a good range of independent shops as well as the national chains.

Couple this with two of the finest Universities in England and you will see the magic mix that Nottingham can offer.

What Spencer Birch offer is well positioned, well presented student accommodation that will fit within your budget.

On this page you will find our student accommodation in Nottingham offered by private landlords, who have modified and refitted their accommodation to suit your needs.

What Spencer Birch offer:

Shared student houses in Nottingham
Student flats in Nottingham
Studio accommodation in Nottingham
Student apartments in Nottingham
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