Rating Appeals in Nottingham

Rates are of critical importance to all business occupiers. Rate payments represent a significant proportion of a business' overheads which need to be checked and kept to a minimum wherever possible.


The review system is often complex and requires an understanding of the review format coupled with knowledge of the area.


Success in reducing your costs depends on knowing the local market and how your property compares with similar property in the same area. Many rating assessments are found to be high and, as valuation is not an exact science negotiations can often lead to a substantial reduction in rates payable.

Spencer Birch offer a fair and simple fee structure.


If Spencer Birch do negotiate a reduction in your rates our fee is represented by an agreed percentage of that reduction in the rateable value of the property. All fees are subject to VAT.

This fee is a one off payment and covers all work associated with our negotiations.

If you are interested in our rating service Spencer Birch would be pleased to visit your premises to discuss your requirements. At this point this is on a no obligation basis but a brief survey will enable us to offer an opinion as to whether savings can be made.